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Uber for Trucks


Uber’s latest step brings closer to tap into the potential of autonomous technologies. DaaBee is limiting the self-driving trucks to operate on highways, an easier challenge than driving on local roads. Uber’s big push to dominate the trucking industry took a leap forward today with the announcement that the ride-hailing giant is now operating its fleet of self-driving trucks.

By using exchange transfer hubs, Uber contends that its utilization of robot trucks will include more jobs, at any rate for the time being. But they are not enough for harbour-to-harbour runs, Ubers self-driving trucks, and they will not be for quite a while. Despite everything, they require a safety driver in the driver’s seat during operation. In the meantime, the carrier uses Uber carriage to hire a trucker, who comes in a traditional long-haul truck. The trucker at that point drives a short-pull trip to a transfer centre point out of the station, where they meet by most Uber’s self-driving trucks (with an Uber-employed security driver on board).

The trailer is exchanged for the self-driving truck, which at that point drives autonomously for the long-haul, highway portion of the trip — including a safety driver in the driver’s seat. Near the destination, the self-driving truck exits the highway and takes the load to a second transfer hub. A second driver in a regular truck gets the trailer and gives the short haul to delivery to the final destination. That driver just dropped off a different load at the same hub before receiving the autonomous truck delivery.

Uber’s big push to dominate the trucking industry took a jump forward today with the declaration that the ride-hailing mammoth is presently working its fleet of self-driving trucks on its freight-hauling app. The shipments are occurring where the ride-hailing goliath is additionally trying out its robot taxis. Uber said it is utilizing an exchange centre model, in which the trucks drive self-rulingly on the roadway and human drivers assume control for the last miles.

Meanwhile, Uber is honoured the humble achievement of opening its self-driving trucks into the day by day, everyday reality of whole deal goods hauling. It’s a little advance with conceivably immense implications for the future of this industry.

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Driver can review all loads that he has accepted.


Navigate to the pickup or drop address using google maps or waze.


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